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Light Trainer is Amazing!

Experience fun and easy training with Light Trainer’s extraordinary ease of use. Whether you’re focused on fitness or rehabilitation, Light Trainer will quickly become one of your most essential tools.

Light Trainer is Ideal for a Range of Fields, Including:

Fitness and Sports

Vision Therapy

Special Education

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Cognitive Therapy

Tactical Training

Rich and Flexible Training Modes

Unlock your full potential with 25 exercise modes and their flexible settings. Light Trainer is designed to help you improve a wide range of skills, including speed, memory, attention, awareness, quick decision making, multitasking abilities. With each exercise mode, you have access to a range of customizable settings, allowing you to create your own unique training routines tailored to your specific needs. From simple to complex variations, our system provides endless possibilities to help you reach your training goals.

The Light Trainer® App

Access the Light Trainer App for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Install now to start with powerful training functions. All functions of the App are free and will be free forever.

Smart Bluetooth Network Tecnology

Experience the Latest in Bluetooth 5.0 Technology with Light Trainer’s Wireless System. Our cutting-edge mesh network connects modules seamlessly, providing lightning-fast data transfer with the latest Bluetooth technology. With unparalleled accuracy of up to 1 millisecond, our system captures and displays critical training data such as reaction time, missed lights, and more. Plus, our system allows you to save and review your training data to track your progress and optimize your performance.

Modules Design

Proximity and Vibration Sensors

8 Hours Battery Life

USB Type-C Charge

Shock and Water Durable

Laser Proximity Sensors

Vibration Sensor

Magnet Mount

Velcro Mount

Bright RGB LEDs

Protective silicon case

Sound Buzzer

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