Frequently Asked Questions

Your product will be shipped within 3 days under normal conditions.

If a malfunction is detected in a module, we ship a new module free of charge if it is under warranty.

15 days for Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland. Other European countries 20-30 days. For Other Countries, it may take up to 30 days.

We pay VAT and customs taxes in advance when shipping the product. That’s why the product reaches your address directly.

In such a case, contact us so that we can check whether the situation is caused by the payment gateway. If it is not a payment gateway problem, you may need to contact your bank.

Light Trainer app full features are free and will be free forever

Technical Questions

12 modules can be connected simultaneously however some android devices may not support 12 modules. If you want to use 12 modules at the same time, ios devices are recommended.

The phone may not support connecting the number of lights you have. Connect fewer lights to check if they can work properly. Check if your connection distance is too far and if shortening the connection distance can be used normally
Check the placement of the modules and phone if they are too far. Check other bluetooth devices around may interrupt modules’ connection. Power off your smartwatch or earphone and try again.

While opening the modules press short time to the on/off button. Pressing long time opens them in offline mode and they dont connect.